Monday, July 1, 2013

Sunken Teasure


My relationship with you is so much like this.
I search for you and search for you,
Never, ever, does it cross my mind to give up!
Then after finding you, I love you but not right.

It is so hard to express what I feel with words.
Because where you’re from they’re not written.
So I roll around in all your turquoise and blues.
Spending none, but good to know I’m covered.

After long days being comforted by your luxury,
I return you to the deep knowing where you are.
But don’t you worry because I will not stray far.
Afraid that if I do, some pirate will take you away.

Author / Jeana Marie Jeffers

The above poem was written based on my solid loving relationship with God.  I pray to never lose sight of how much I should value this privilege to wear his name across my heart and his ring the Bible I will place upon my fingers daily. 

Much thanks to the above link for the photo it was exactly what I was looking for to compliment my poem to  my beloved God Jehovah.